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Central Louisiana Residential; a fresh and ambitious Residential Housing Firm with one idea in mind: providing a fine grade of homes to only the finest residents of the Creole State. CLR makes a commitment to purchase properties located in stable neighborhoods and subdivisions that will ensure safe and secure living. CLR upholds the notion that with quality homes in quality areas, we attract quality residents that will share the same pride.

Since its crisp establishment in 2013, Central Louisiana Residential is focusing on the purchasing and renting of Single Family Dwellings in the desired locations of upper Lafayette Parish. As CLR continues to grow, we’ll uphold the effort of dealing homes that we’re proud of and making Louisiana’s residents feel at home in our rental properties.

CLR and its Origin Company have combined experience of over 35 years in the residential housing backgrounds. As CLR progresses in the Acadiana Area, we progress alongside the 21st Century providing the pinnacle services of online payments through this website. This alleviates the tasks of Tenants having to produce and mail checks or costly money orders, cashier’s checks, etc; saving you time and money. Also, the online Tenant Portal service is provided free as a service to CLR’s Tenants. CLR also offers an amenity to its tenants that few residential rental companies offer: reduced monthly rates upon entry of lease agreements.

Another quality of CLR that all southern citizens can appreciate, is a small, personal business. CLR is born, bred, and currently operating in Acadiana. We’re not owned by some large parent company out of state or even overseas. When you have a need, question, or concern, going through a chain of emails and calls before getting to someone that may or may not be of assistance will never happen. With our online Tenant Portal, and the old fashioned pick-up-the-phone-and-call, contacting your CLR Administrator is a breeze.

If you’re in the market for a rental home, please feel free to use our ‘contact us’ tabs or to see available rental properties, email admin@welcomehomeclr.com. We’d love to accommodate yet another Creole State Citizen. Welcome home. Welcome Central Louisiana Residential.


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